About Me

I'm born in the days Soviet thanks entered Prague.
When I was child I like to see the technician side of the game. I like dismount my game. 
Around 10 years old I start repair my bike.
Near this passion grown passion for listening music. Around 12 years old i create my HiFiBike (HiFi was only the name). During that age I know Rock and I see my first musical video, but radio remain my prefer audio source.
When I was teenager my passion move from bike to motorbike, i repair (and rig), mine and my friends. Passion for bike decreases along with my breath, thanks Camel.
I spent my days in the garage and at home reading book, I studied just a little. As a good omnivorous reader I knew the Information Technology. I studied it myself, my school start to make course regarding IT when I do not I can no longer take. I remember my first nights with a PC. I type always I think and write the screen output on a paper
At the end of the study in the high school I knew something regarding my commercial study, a passion for the mechanic, a passion for the Information Technology and a passion for the literature.
I start working in my study sector,after a pair of year i find a work as Mainframe Operator.This was the way I entered in the IT world. I like my new job, IT stob to be an hobby. My hobby "remain do it yourself" specialize myself in HIFi Car installation, repair motorbike and bike, woodworking (thanks to Antonio and Giancarlo). At the half of '90 I meet Silvia ... I never lost her. Now we have a family (home, son, happiness and trouble)
IT is now my work, "do it yourself" is a necessity and my hobby... you are reading it.

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