venerdì 25 luglio 2014

CFT: Communication media error

Few days ago I setup a new CFT on an AIX server.
On this server user, different from mine, have to send file; I help them to create the sender script, they run it.
First user try to use this solution run the script, but the row CFTUTIL SEND ... end with the error:

CFTU26E SEND     _ Error ( Communication media opening error rc=-204)

I searched it inthe CFT manual  uselessly, same end if i search it on Google.

Searching in the Axway Forum I didn't fix the problem, but I understand what is communication media.
After that I search in the CFT's configuration where is this file and i found it is in the variable CFTCOM. On the system I search for value of this variable and I found it is in
Lookin for this file I see It have permission -rw-r--r--  , other user then mine can write in it.
I change the permission of this file in -rw-rw-r-- (chmod 664 $CFTCOM) and after that my user can exchange file without problem.