martedì 28 gennaio 2014

Windows, check folder consistency

Some time ago i write a post regarding how i solve my issue regarding the state of working flder on Unix system. In the environment where I work there are Unix and Windows systems where I have same problem.
Follow my solution Windows side, to automatcly check if my MFT post processing script done the right work.
As for Unix system in Windows each received file "land" in a work directory.
The following script analyze, each morning, the state of this directory and its subfolders:
SET WORKDIR=C:\Batch\bin\MyDir
SET TEMPDIR=C:\Batch\temp
SET LOG=ControllaDir.log
SET EXCEPTIONS =C:\batch\bin\ControllaDirEccezioni.ini

dir %INPUTDIR% /b /s /a:-d >%TEMPDIR%\%LOG%

for /F %%I in (%EXCEPTIONS %) do (
    findstr /B /V /C:%%I %TEMPDIR%\%LOG% >%TEMPDIR\%LOG%A
    move /Y %TEMPDIR%\%LOG%A %TEMPDIR%\%LOG%)

echo . >>D:\%LOG%
echo ##################%date%#############>>D:\%LOG%

for %%R in (%TEMPDIR%\%LOG%) do if %%~zR equ 0 (
    echo Today no problem found >>D:\%LOG%
type %TEMPDIR%\%LOG% >>D:\%LOG%
blat D:\%LOG% -to

At the beginning register variable, it is useful to use script in other environment. In the EXCEPTIONS file I store name of folder or files (absolute path) I know it is possible the script find, but their existence is not a problem for me.

The first step check for each file in WORKDIR and its subfolder. The parameter /b doesn't explain file attribute; /s if for recursive dir; /a:-d show file name and its absolutely path.

The step CLEANEXCEPTIONS is useful to avoid false positive results. I know some files is not a problem if exist. Inserted them, or the folder name where i can find it, the step clean the log file from them. The EXCEPTIONS file have to report for each line the absolute path of the file.

I prefer have a logfile each day, even if it doesn't find occorrency. This is my check to know the script run correctly (a check on the check). To do that I write on the log file a separator including the data running. The step DATAHEADER do that.

The NOFILE step write in the log file that today is a lucky day (good morning starts in the morning).

Last step SENDEMAIL send file via SMTP using the send mail of the good BLAT. But if you want you can use other solution to propagate this file.